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Sikh Guru’s

Sikhism was establish by the first Sikh Guru – Guru Nanak Dev Ji followed by 9 Guru Ji’s, bestowed the Guruship to the living word, Guru Granth Sahib as 11th Sikh Guru.
The name ‘Nanak’ was used by all the subsequest Gurus who wrote any sacred text in Guru Granth Sahib. Sikhs hold that all Gurus carried the same message as that Guru Nanak, and so they have used the name ‘Nanak’ in their holy text, instead of their own names. Hence all the referred to as the ‘Light of Nanak’.


List of Sikh Gurus:

Name of Sikh Guru’s                Date of Birth
1) Guru Nanak Dev Ji                     15 April 1469
2) Guru Angad Dev Ji                     31 March 1504
3) Guru Amar Das Ji                       05 May 1479
4) Guru Ram Das Ji                          24 Sep 1534
5) Guru Arjan Dev Ji                       15 April 1563
6) Guru Har Gobin Ji                       19 June 1595
7) Guru Har Rai Ji                             16 Jan 1630
8) Guru Har Krishan Ji                    07 July 1656
9) Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji                01 April 1621
10) Guru Gobin Singh Ji                  22 Dec 1666
11) Guru Granth Sahib Ji                 n/a


Sikh Gurus

Sikh Gurus

On the Olympic trail: ‘Langars’ in London for Fauja Singh’s torch run

While Fauja Singh – the 101- year-old marathon runner – carries the Olympic relay torch in London on July 21, Sikhs would celebrate the occasion by organising a langar (community kitchen) along the road for the public.

They would serve free roti rolls at several key points along the Olympic torch route from Greenwich Park to Waltham Forest Town Hall between 7 am (12.30 pm IST) to 8 pm (1.30 am IST). Fauja – the oldest torch-bearer at London 2012 – would carry the torch on the 64th day of the Olympics Torch Relay when it reaches Newham.

The Olympic Stadium is also located at Newham. The langar would be organised by United Sikhs – an organisation dedicated to promoting the Sikh identity and tenets.
‘We are proud to share with the public the 500-yearold Sikh tradition of serving free meals,’ Parvinder Kaur, who would manage the langar project, said.

She said that the Sikhs from the UK and around the world would be participating in celebrations. They would show the world how the community embraced diversity.

‘We hope to demonstrate through the langar how the community involves itself in selfless service.


‘We will be serving thousands of free vegetarian meals along the route,’ she said. ‘It would also showcase how community food can bring people from all walks of life together.’
Paul Uppal, MP for Wolverhampton South West, said he always believed in promoting the society as a Sikh and as a Conservative.
‘I am looking forward to seeing gurdwaras from all over the country come together to serve others in the name of faith and community.’

The people serving the langar would wear yellow Tshirts carrying Fauja’s image.

t-shirt designed for Langar

t-shirt designed for Langar

The langar would be served at several service points in each of the five boroughs – each serving at least 1,000 vegetarian roti rolls within two hours.

Fifteen gurdwaras from South and East London have already granted their consent for participating in the event.

The organisation also demonstrated how to prepare roti rolls – an improvised version of cooked mixed vegetable filled in rotis made of whole wheat flour and plain flour.

An executive chef has already taught volunteers how to prepare roti rolls. Sources said several Sikhs from India also plan to reach London to support the project.

Fauja Singh to carry Olympic tourch on July 21

Fauja Singh

Fauja Singh

On 21th July, the eyes of the global community will be on Fauja Singh (101 year old marathin runner). Fauja Singh will be the oldest bearer at London 2012, who will be carrying the torch on the 64th day of the Olympic Tourch relay. To read More……


Elisabeth Meru

We all should be very much thankful to Waheguru and should be proud to be Sikh, Son’s and Daughter’s of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who taught us not only the reality of the life but also how to lead a truthful life.

Guru Ji teaching and Khalsa has so much power that people from other part(religion) of this world got attracted towards Sikhi. Some persons expressed their feelings towards Sikhi in the form of Poems, books. One of them is Elisabeth Meru.

Elisaberh Meru

Elisaberh Meru

Elisabeth is from Germany(email: and written well appeciated articles about Khalsa. Read few of her articles………….


Sardar Surjeet Singh freed after 27 years in Pakistan

An Indian man freed after spending three decades in a Pakistani prison for spying walked across the border on Thursday into India, where he was met by family, hordes of journalists and wellwishers, read more………

Surjeet Singh

Surjeet Singh